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Volcanic has grown rapidly in the last 2 years to become the number one provider of specialist recruitment websites in the UK.  Our operations have now expanded globally, with a full service office of Asia Pacific and in North America.  We work with our clients to ensure their websites out-perform in their local market. 

“With full service operations across 3 continents and proprietary cloud based delivery tools, we can support our clients 24 hours a day, wherever they are. “

Understanding Asia

Our Asian leadership has over a decade of regional experience within the recruitment and technology space. Supported by an international team and based out of Kuala Lumpur we understand our client’s local needs and provide customer support across the region, all in real time. 

All our developers and staff work on the same global cloud based platform ensuring consistency of delivery, visibility and technology.  Such transparency across the global business has enabled us to scale quickly and provide first class technical support to our global clients. 

Global coverage and customer service

With operational centres in three countries, we provide clients with technical support 24 hours a day. As a volcanic customer you can submit unlimited support requests through our platform ticketing system. We pride ourselves in resolving these quickly, with the minimum of fuss and with no additional charges- so you can keep your website as relevant and up to date as you need, all with peace of mind. 

Technologists at heart

Volcanic is a great business.  It was originally founded for the right reasons; people doing what they love, which in our case is technology. We believe that technology can make a business better.  It’s a catalyst. Used well it can accelerate your business and allow you to charge ahead.