Candidate portal

Out of the box, candidate portals allow candidates to manage their data, upload CVs, set up job alerts and apply for suggested jobs. 

Candidate portal dashboard displaying candidate details, profile progress, my documents, my consents, quick stats, suggested jobs and suggested contacts
Candidate portal screen displaying GDPR compliant opt-in consent message functionality

Candidate portals are embedded into every Volcanic website. The portals allow candidates to self-serve and give full control over privacy settings and their data. 

Aside from standard functionality, third-party systems such as timesheets and payroll can be integrated into the candidate portal for a highly efficient user experience.

Job alerts

Candidates can configure job alerts that match what they are looking for. 


Other software such as timesheets, payroll and scheduling can be added to the portals.

Suggested jobs

Based on the candidate's profile, the system autosuggests other relevant jobs.


Candidates have full control over their consent and privacy settings, and full audit visibility.


To meet global compliance regulation, candidates can export their data.


Candidates can update their profile data, including all documents. 

Data protection remains central to our platform and, critically, will drive sustained compliance in a increasingly legislative landscape. Built around the core principles of individual rights, Volcanic provides a candidate-first experience. Self-management of all data transactions, including the right to be forgotten and downloadable subject access reports are supported by a full data log so all candidate requests can be tracked and reported on.

Volcanic can provide full data transfer to a range of recruitment technology suppliers, either through native integration or API. Recruitment agencies can choose where and how they manage candidate data and consent, whether within the Volcanic platform or otherwise.

Designed by the candidate to provide the best user experience, Volcanic's candidate dashboard provides autonomy for the candidate to control their consent, job alerts, and the profile data that they wish to share with recruiters. They can change this data at any time to suit their current career journey. 

Candidate portal screen displaying job alert settings and suggested jobs