Connecting linkedin

Step 1. Enable the Bullhorn App from the Volcanic App Store

Step 2. Go to the Bullhorn App page

Step 3. Save your Bullhorn API User credentials and other settings

Step 4: Next add the Bullhorn Field Mappings to connect them to the Registration Questions

Integration Details

There are 3 ways the Volcanic - Bullhorn integration exchanged data:

  • Candidate data from Volcanic to Bullhorn
  • Job data from Bullhorn to Volcanic
  • Job Application data from Volcanic to Bullhorn

When a Candidate registers, the Bullhorn App determines if they already have a Bullhorn Candidate account using their email address. This process saves hours of manual effort and increases the data integrity within Bullhorn. 

  • If they already have a Bullhorn account: the Bullhorn account is updated with the data the Candidate has provided when they register.
    Bullhorn Field Mappings which are designated to ‘Sync from Bullhorn’ are used to extract the data already stored in Bullhorn then the data is saved as the Candidates’ relevant registration answers when the Candidate record is created.
  • If there is no Bullhorn account for the Candidate: a new Candidate account is created with the data provided from the Candidate.

If you would prefer new Bullhorn records for each Candidate who registers on the website so that existing data is not affected, you can select the "Always create a new Bullhorn record when a Candidate registers" option.

Job Import

If the "Import jobs from Bullhorn" optionis selected Vacancies listed in Bullhorn are imported to the relevant Volcanic website. This removes the need to pay for a 3rd party Job Posting tool and ensures the Job data on the website on the Volcanic Platform is accurate and easily updateable. Candidate Applications for these Jobs are also sent back into Bullhorn updating both the Vacancy and the Candidate.

Job Done.