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What do you have to do when something on your website breaks down, or if you want to add something new to it? Non-cloud design agencies might take weeks to dive in and fix the error, costing you more time and money than the initial problem was worth.

The Volcanic platform is a self-updating, cloud-based platform with immense power across all our host servers. When we roll out a new update or feature, every one of our clients across the globe is granted access to it, instantly. Our ticketed Support system is accessible 24/7, and because our software runs off of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most popular web hosting service on the net, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best and most secure cloud service available.

The guarantee we give all new clients is this: the first time you see your new recruitment website is the worst it’s ever going to look. Since every new site we produce is of best-practice, professional quality, it can only get better with age.