Content Management System

Our award-winning content management system (CMS) powers the success of some of the world’s biggest recruitment brands.

The platform boasts next-generation usability, unrivalled speed and comes embedded with support and training functionality to underpin the digital transformation that  drives the success of global recruitment business.

Quick response

Shorter journey

Better categorisation

Diagram showing Volcanic's SEO console, upload and user controls

Easy setup, powerful configuration

The platform is completely configurable allowing each website to have the management control around:

  • SEO

  • Integration

  • Forms

  • Languages

  • Emails

  • Workflow-based forms

  • Pages

  • User access

  • Marketing tools

  • Reporting

  • Configurable candidate experience

  • Content

Straight up SaaS

We give our clients access to advanced features, world-class security and fantastic support in a simple technology solution; that’s straight up SaaS.

  1. We’re ISO 27001 certified and put data security at the heart of everything we do.

  2. Our websites are hosted with Amazon (AWS), managed by our expert technical team.

  3. Our cloud-platform is updated constantly. Letting our clients focus on running their business.

  4. Our delivery team is on hand 24/7 to help and guide clients  from project inception to post launch.

Diagram of shapes showing ISO certification, AWS hosting, cloud platform and 24/7 help and guide

Volcanic's website builder

​Volcanic gives you risk-free, high-speed website deployment in multiple languages, configurations, and customised design.

  • Complete control

    No design skills? No problem. Easy-to-manage styling to reflect your brand personality across your website.

  • Easy drag and drop

    Our simple click, drag and drop feature lets you rearrange your webpage content in seconds.

  • On-page editing

    Our on-page editor saves time and ensures your content flows seamlessly in your website design.


the Vault

The biggest disrupter driving the digital economy is security. There is now the dual demand on innovation in a high-risk, highly regulated industry that wasn’t there before. Volcanic is placing safeguarding of data at the core of everything we do: security-by-design.

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Time and money - two things we really understand! When recruitment agencies depend on different technologies and systems to run their operations, it created a headache for candidate management, systems integration and efficient workflows, plus the potential for human error and administrative burden are evident.

Our Developer Console was launched with this in mind. It allows you to integrate onto the Volcanic platform much more quickly and cost-effectively, reducing the time it takes to move providers and companies to deliver large-scale, multi-site projects from months to weeks. The Developer Console is only one of our integration features that allows us to proactively deliver a level of service that is technically excellent, commercially focused and critically, transformational.



We offer a managed environment under a 99.5% uptime SLA hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Volcanic's support is included in the subscription model at no extra cost via our online priority ticketing system. 

All client websites will have access to the Volcanic compliance area that gives all the tools necessary to help support your obligations under the GDPR. Our GDPR area integrates automatically with Bullhorn, meaning captured consent is transferred to the candidate record in Bullhorn from the website. 

The candidate dashboard puts data control into the candidates’ hands, in accordance with the principles of privacy by design.

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